The seal "BOLT" is one of the last products supplied by the company "Olimp". The product is manufactured under license ... ...

Lockin BOLT



The seal "BOLT" is one of the last products supplied by the company "Olimp". The product is manufactured under the license of the patent holder. The device is classified as a high security seal with strong protection features.
The patent pending innovative mechanical design is characterised by two metal tabs attached to the bolt, which securely slot into the locking channel, thus preventing any breaching by high speed spinning of the female part of the seal.

The advantages of the seal BOLT:

  • Lockin BOLT is compliant with high security international standard ISO 17712:2013.
  • The installation does not require any special abilities or equipment.
  • On “BOLT” it is possible to apply a linear 2D Data Matrix code or a QR-code.
  • Breaking load not less than 1400 N.
  • Reliable construction: blocking mechanism and a pin made of carbonitrided steel.
  • Opening without leaving visible traces is excluded. Any attempts to modify or delete the inscriptions on the housing will leave tamper evidences.
  • Personalization opportunities.
  • Intrinsically safe ABS or Polystyrene coating, compliant with paint compliant with safety requirement of RoHS – Restriction of Hazardous Substances, European Directive 2002/EC and GOST 282550 89 p. 1.9.2, allows the use of the device for sealing containers with flammable materials. The ABS material is not toxic, nor flammable, the ignition temperature is 343°?, spontaneous ignition temperature: 486°?. Heating to these temperatures is possible only in laboratory conditions.
Technical specifications
  • The protective layer is made of ABS shockproof material or Polystyrene.
  • The pin is made of carbonitrided steel – Diam (head): 20 mm.; Diam (pin): 8 mm.
  • Lenght (pin): 74 mm.
  • Lenght (closed seal): 80 mm.
  • Reliable blocking mechanism excludes the possibility of reverse movement of the pin when the installation is complete.
  • Standard marking (laser marking): Sequential numbering up to 15 digits, also the logo or emblem of the customer’s company.
  • Logo: black color: laser marking; multicolor logo: pad printing.
  • It is possible to print a linear barcode, a 2D Data Matrix code or a QR-code.
The seals are packed by 250 pcs. in boxes. Weight of one – 13,3 kg.
Installation rules
  • Please check that metal pin and plastic bolt have the same numbering before using it.
  • Remove the pin from its site.
  • Insert pin tip into the container handle ring.
  • Slide pin tip into the hole of the bolt part of NEPTUNE SEAL and press steadily.
  • Now the seal is properly closed.