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Security stickers with an indicator of thermal and chemical effects EUROSEAL














Self-adhesive security labels with a wide range of security features , which realiably detect any attempts of tampering, either mechanically or by heat or chemic.

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Self-adhesive security labels to order:

  • Minimum quantity: 10 000 pcs.

  • Additional payment: 2 EURO/100 pieces.

  • The mentioned prices imply delivery terms EXW Liberec.

Basic parameters:

  • Type of security product: self-adhesive label with a high degree of resistance.

  • Brutto size: 65?30 mm.

  • Netto size: 60?25 mm.

Security features and indicators

Chosen security features and characteristics of the OVD layer

  • Micro text of high resolution ”HIGH SECURITY”;

  • Micro text of high resolution “PROTECTED”;

  • Special optical elements;

  • Cryptogram ”OK”;

  • Kinetic Effects (micro text, rotation, extension);

  • Colorful kinetic effects (rotation, extension).