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«STRAP LOCK» is a monoblock indicative sealing device. The advantages of the seal Strap Lock:







Strap lock



«STRAP LOCK» is a monoblock indicative sealing device.

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The advantages of the seal Strap Lock:

  • The blocking element (steel nipple) is safely corrugated inside the seal, which excludes the possibility of opening the seal without leaving any visible traces and its repeated installation.
  • The installation does not require any special abilities or equipment.
  • The large surface, available for marking, provides ample opportunities to personalize the product: marking the color customer’s logo, a barcode, a 2-D code and a large text volume.
Technical specifications:
  • Material: polyethylene.
  • Dimensions: 208?26?6,5 mm. Diameter of the blocking element: 2,4 mm., length: 220 mm.
  • Operating temperature range: from -40°? to +60°?.
  • Blocking system: the nipple is made of stainless steel.
  • Weight: 2,7 gr.
  • Shelf life: 5 years from the date of manufacturing.
It is possible to apply the client’s logo and number on the surface of the housing. Depending on the dimensions the number of the character may vary. The marking and printing of the logo can be made in 2 ways: black color – laser marking, multicolor logo – pad printing. Also it is possible to apply the barcode and the 2-D code.
The products are packed in plastic bags of 100 pieces each, then in cardboard boxes of 1000 pieces. The weight of one box: 3,2kg.
Installation rules:
  • Insert the free end of the blocking element through the holes of the object to be sealed, then through the hole on the seal housing.
  • Pull the blocking element until the loop between the seal and the object decreases.
  • Check the safe installation of the seal by trying to open it by hand. When properly installed, the reverse movement is not possible.
  • The seal installation is finished.