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Control stickers to ensure the needed objects to be sealed and to prevent an unauthorized intervention.



Control stickers to ensure the needed objects to be sealed and to prevent an unauthorized intervention.

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Label seals can be used to seal the following objects:

  • windows;
  • automatic registers
  • multifunctional containers
  • ATM cassettes; safe deposit box
  • Fuel tanks
  • audio, video, PC;
  • packaging of cardboard or wood;
  • cabinets;
  • vehicle doors, doors of rooms;

The advantages of the label seal

The advantages of the material from which the control label seals are produced are that it does not allow its repeated use, because on the label’s surface the inscription says "OPEN VOID" (OPENED). The labels are suitable for application on smooth or rough surfaces (cardboard, metal, plastic or wood). Leaves no traces on the applied surface.

Technical characteristics
Inscription transfer Label thickness Label adherence Applying surface
Without transfer 0,097 – 0,105 mm 1000 – 1400 g/ 2,5 cm Metal/glass Car door; safe deposit; ATM cassettes; office and communication equipment.
Partial transfer 0,060 – 0,065 mm 1000 – 1400 g/ 2,5 cm Plastic/paper boxes; paper envelope; container for drugs.
Total transfer 0,060 – 0,065 mm 200 – 650 g/ 2,5 cm Hîrtie/carton Paper/cardboard Paper and cardboard products.
Temperature ranges from -20 to +80 С0.
Inscription application occurs with special equipment for marking labels. It is possible the application of: name of the beneficiary / company, logo, drawing. Jpeg, serial number, 2D barcode / DataMatrix. The size depends on the size label inscriptions. The label model is negotiated directly with the client.
The labels are rotated on a reel of 1000 pieces each. (or more, depending on the total amount). Then the received reels are packed in boxes.
Label size Mass of the reel (1000 pieces.) brutto Total mass of the box(10 rolls) brutto
20х25 mm. 320 gr. 3,8 kg.
20х60 mm. 370 gr. 4,3 kg.
20х100 mm. 570 gr. 6,3 kg.
40х85 mm. 900 gr. 9,6 kg.
Installation rules
  • Remove the label from the tape.
  • Select the position for the application, place the label, then the label shall be smoothed.
  • The application is considered completed.