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«GARDA-Nr.2» is a modified version of the seal ”Garda-N”, projected for the sack sealing. The seal type refers to class Power.

Garda N2



«GARDA-Nr.2» is a modified version of the seal ”Garda-N”, projected for the sack sealing. The seal type refers to class Power.

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The advantages of the seal Garda N2:

  • The installation does not request the usage of special abilities or equipment.
  • All the inscriptions are covered with a plastic layer which excludes the possibility of modifying it or act on it.
  • During production, the housing parts are merged, forming a singular block construction through ultrasonic welding, excluding opening or other manipulations without leaving visible traces.
  • The presence of the special window allows to visually check the finishing of the seal installation.
  • The seal has the original blocking mechanism, which insures the safety of the cable holding.
  • A large area available for marking offers an extensive possibility to customize the product: applying color client logo, a barcode, code 2-D and a large amount of text.
  • It is possible to apply the chip – RFID.
  • The seal is organic and anti-inflammatory.
  • Spiked part width prevents turning and twisting the seal on the sack, without visible traces.
  • The presence of an additional spiked attached to the end of the sack insures the safety of the seal
Technical specifications
  • Used material: ABS.
  • Flexible galvanized cable with a diameter of 1.5 mm. the standard length of the cable of 350 mm. but can be lengthened according to special demand. The breaking force of the cord is not less than 1500 N.
  • Dimensions: 66,5х37х13 mm.
  • Weight at a standard length of the cable: 26 gr.
  • Resistance to climate change. Continuous operation temperature range from -40 ° up to +50 ° С.
  • To the standard model, it is possible to apply on both sides of the seal a number of 7 digits.
  • On the front should be applied the logo or the emblem of the client-company (with laser or pad prined).
  • All fields of information are placed under a transparent protective cover.
  • It is possible to apply linear bar code, 2D code Data Matrix or QR-code.
The seals are packed in plastic bags of 20 pieces each, then each 200 pieces in boxes. Package weight – 5,6 kg.
Installation rules
  • Plug the cable into the seal hole, thus forming a loop; gather the end of the sack in one hand, twist it a little and put the loop on it, then pull the cable to the end.
  • Break the cover plate and twist the insert until it stops. Through the visualization window shall appear the insert cable end. Break the prominent insertion.
  • The seal is considered to be installed, check the correctness of the installation by trying to manually open the seal.
  • The installation has finished.