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About us

The company ”Olimp” celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2012. Over these years we managed to create a well-structured production process compliant with the ISO9001-2000 management standard. All our products represent our intellectual property and differ completely from those offered by our competitors.

Our own design, mold manufacturing department, molding shop, assembly and metal processing departments enable us to produce high-quality sealing devices with a unique design. Our priority has always been the good quality of products, the manufacturing of temper evident seals.

Since 2012 all our products have been united under a single brand name Lockin. All the products manufactured under the Lockin brand prove that Olimp offers high quality locking devices with temper evidence features that generate tell-tale evidence of tempering and protected design solutions. Lockin is a special quality control, a high degree of anti-crime protection. Lockin is the implementation of IT solutions and other modern technologies with sealing devices.

Another of our priorities is expanding the range of our sealing devices. From the most simple, indicative seals, to complex power seals like "Titan" that can withstand a load of 1800 kg at break, compliant to ISO17 certificate.

We are always ready to implement new ideas at the creation of new products together with our customers.

We are open to dialogue with our customers and colleagues regarding joint projects, we are continuously developing and grateful for your trust.